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Kick Off Meeting

Mayor Sylvester Turner addressing the audience

Residents, community partners, and City of Houston’s department leaders discuss topics of interest during a workshop in Near Northside.


The Kick-Off celebrated Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Complete Communities initiative in Near Northside. There were over 175 attendees at the November 2nd workshop, which was held at Marshall Middle School. The meeting opened with a musical performance from the Marshall Middle School choir and band. The organizations that have created community plans within the last 5 years presented those plans, highlighted vision and goals, and discussed several of the highest priorities. Residents, non-profits, businesses, religious institutions, educators and others provided input on who would be the best partners to facilitate projects. Participants were also encouraged to go to different workshop topic areas and recommend any areas of concerns that have not been addressed by existing plans. After the workshop, participants reported back highlights and key ideas from their conversations. The City recognizes that they may not be the only entity to make project ideas become reality. It takes the cooperation of other government agencies, non-profit groups, funders, foundations, and citizens like you. The next step is to compile all comments and begin drafting an Action Plan.

The following six existing plans and studies were conducted by community organizations serving Near Northside. They were created in collaboration with all aspects of the community. To see a draft summary of these existing plans, click here.

A Complete Community is...

We heard the voices of Acres Home, and this is what they said.

All public meetings were recorded by HTV. You can view them from this site and click “Specialty".

Handouts and Meeting Materials

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