Acres Home

Public Meeting #1
Tue, August 29, 6 - 8 pm
Harris Academy
3130 Holder Forest Dr
Houston, TX 77088

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Acres Home, commonly referred to as the “44”, is located approximately 10 miles northwest of downtown Houston. In the early 1900s, the Wright Land Company and W.W. Mount platted and recorded several subdivisions such as the Highland Acre Homes subdivision and the Highland Acre Home Annex. Subsequently, the subdivisions were sold as acres instead of lots. Hence, Acres Home derived its name from land acquisition.

Acres Home was known as the largest unincorporated African American community in the south prior to annexation by the City of Houston. The community was annexed in four stages from 1967-1974 to install municipal services such as sewer and water lines.

The Acres Home Complete Communities boundary is comprised of 3 school districts; Aldine ISD, Houston ISD, and Klein ISD, in addition to over 250 subdivisions. The land use characteristics consists of urban, suburban, and rural developments. Additionally, there are several vacant lots and untapped resources that can be enhanced through the Complete Communities initiative.

There are currently three known plans in Acres Home:

Neighborhood Support Team (NST)

It is vital that the Complete Communities initiative connect with each neighborhood's civic leaders and organizations to understand their strengths, their connections within the community, and their perspectives on the needs of the neighborhood. Local civic leaders have the pulse of the community and know the assets and concerns better than the City alone.

We will rely on the NST to be our partners in this process by providing guidance to the public engagement approach in the area. We need to hear their voices and depend on the NST to ensure widespread participation from the community. Leaders should represent a constituency, are supported by that group and have some engagement capacity.

To see a list of the leaders and organizations the City has contacted or will soon contact, click Acres Home NST. The attached list is by no means exhaustive. If you know of leaders and/or organizations that should be included in this dialogue, please contact the Team Lead listed below.

List of Civic Leaders and Organizations (.pdf)

Acres Home Neighborhood Profile

The following data and maps provide information on Acres Home. The PDFs may be viewed onscreen or easily printed in 8.5 x 11 format on most printers. A portable document reader, such as Adobe Reader is needed to display the documents.

Maps and Data


Resource Assessment

Land Use Map
Acres Home
Click to view PDF

Public Facilities Map

Schools Map

TIRZ & Management District Map

Civic Clubs Map

Coordinating Team

Team Lead: Christa Stoneham, Planner II
Arica Bailey, Planner I
Christopher Andrews, Planner II

Phone: 832.393.6600
Fax: 832.393.6647

City of Houston Planning & Development Department
PO Box 1562
Houston TX 77251

Acres Home Complete Communities Plan

The public engagement process will begin in August. Please visit often to learn about the upcoming dates. You may also sign-up for the Complete Communities Newsletter emailed via Constant Contact that will include upcoming dates and other information by clicking the button below.

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Safe Streets Pilot
The Safe Streets Pilot focuses quick-delivery projects on street enhancements designed to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and other street users. Send any recommendations or comments to the Team Lead Planner for your community.

Action Plan for Safer Streets Pilot

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